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How do I join?

- You must be a registered UCL student or affiliate member of the UCL Student's Union to become a member of our society. For more information and the option to become a member visit:

What should I wear for pole?

- Short shorts and a vest top. No jewellery and don't moisturise the day before pole class. This is all to help you stick to the pole. We have a widening participation programme for anyone who cannot remove clothing, please contact us via social media to request sticky leggings. 

Is it safe?

- Yes! All of our poles are from leading suppliers and are pressure mounted to the ceilings by your fully trained committee. We have qualified instructors who are here to teach you new things and keep you safe (so please listen to them). We also have crash mats for the more advanced moves. You will definitely get some bruises (pole kisses) from class but this is unavoidable! We advice ice/cold shower after classes. 

Am I fit enough for pole?

- Yep. There is no base level of fitness to take part. Poling is what builds strength- particularly upper body strength.

What if I'm too heavy/inflexible/unsexy for pole?

- Pole fitness is suitable for ALL body types. It builds muscle and tones you up, whilst also building your confidence and helping you meet some other amazing people! Pole can be completely your style, you can be as sexy or unsexy as you like- as long as you're having fun! ANY BODY IS A POLE READY BODY.

What if I don't want my friends and family knowing I do pole?

- Let one of our committee know and we will make sure your name/image does not appear on any of our social media.

Do I have to compete if I join pole?

- No, not at all! Whilst we have lots of opportunities to compete throughout the year, these are entirely optional. We also host 2 showcases a year in Mully's basement bar if you want to create a routine with less pressure (the crowd at Mully's are always SO friendly and supportive and its such a fun night)!! Also if you just want to come along to classes/workshops/practice that is entirely up to you, there's no pressure to perform at all.

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