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What is it?
Pole fitness is an art which combines strength, flexibility and grace- think dance, acrobatics and gymnastics combined! It has been internationally recognised as a sport since 2017. Pole fitness can be practiced just for fun or competitively, and you can make it as dancey or non-dancey as you like! 
Who are we?
Our club was founded in 2011 at UCL and we have been growing ever since! We are a diverse group of students all with different goals and hobbies, united by our love of pole fitness. This year we have been crowned NATIONAL CHAMPIONS after winning the prestigious inter-university competition IUPDC and we will be hosting this this year. We will also be hosting London Pole Varsity (a London-based inter-uni competition) which we won last year too!
Is pole fitness for me?
YES! Pole fitness is for everyone! We pride ourselves on being one of the most welcoming and accepting societies you can join and we promote body positivity in our happy little pole family. <3
Check out our FAQs for more information!

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